Community service

Community Action Service

Gorky once said that "the book is the ladder of human progress". SOIS students are keen on reading, because we believe that, books are the spiritual window of the world. There are no books in a house, like a room without windows. There are no books in a school, like no spiritual food for students.

When SOIS students learnt that some of the rural schools or city schools of children from migrant families were in poor condition, outdated equipment, lack of teaching resources, no books, they were thinking how to help the children of the same age. In order to provide chance for the children in rural schools to enjoy reading, book donations have been carried out in three consecutive years in SOIS

Year 5 students launched the first Book Drive in April 2012. More than one thousand books and 4 book shelves were donated to Jinbao Dashuitian Primary School in Yangshuo, Guilin. The year 5 students visited the Dashuitian Primary School and saw difficult learning conditions with their own eyes. Our children helped them build their first book corner.

In June 2012, Secondary Year 11 Global Perspective group helped Xingxing School in Xiasha, Futian district, Shenzhen. Xingxing School is a disadvantaged school for children of migrant workers. The year 11 students arranged Happy Halloween and Bazaar in order to raise money to buy computers and books for the school. They bought 10 laptops, 10 desktops and hundreds of English books and Chinese books for the school. The book crossing station was established there.

In March 2013, students in year 6 launched a second Book Drive, donated a lot of stationery as well, including a computer and a TV set covered by money raised by teachers. Children from both schools carried out lots of interactive reading activities at that time, such as Group Reading and Paired Reading. Local children had a lively and interesting English lesson with Ms. Kelly using the books we donated.

In 2014, Primary launched the third Book Drive. This time we aimed to improve the book crossing station in Xingxing School. We collected about three thousand books in total. Staff raised money to buy 3 printers and one computer for their office. Xingxing School is located in Xiasha which is more convenient for our students to communicate with them in the future.

The voluntary teaching program has progressed since 2013 with year 11 students. They taught 1 lesson every week in English, Drama and Art. Our students’ constant work gained lots of praise from Xingxing School.

Community action service aims to try our best to help people in need as well as enhance student’s sense of social responsibility. This is what we SOIS students are fulfilling.