Vice Principal's Greeting

Alessa.jpgShenzhen Oasis International School offers quality education to children from various cultural backgrounds at secondary levels. Our school emphasizes bilingual education and cultural integration, and aims to cultivate global vision and competitiveness in young citizens for the international stage.

The school’s secondary section runs the Cambridge International Curriculum. Upon graduation, students will receieve internationally recognized certificates which will qualify them for further education in many international schools around the world.

Our teaching staff comes from over 10 countries and regions. Besides rich experience and professional qualifications, they support a real multicultural environment at the school. Except for Chinese language courses, all other subjects are taught in English by expatriate teachers in order to prepare our children for future study overseas. Oasis emphasizes the importance of practice, creativity and the ability to solve problems, and teaches these abilities through various class activities and extracurricular activities. Different from traditional Chinese schools, we encourage students to have their own ideas and individualities. The House System cultivates students’ team spirit, leadership and a healthy mindset in competition, while providing students a sense of unity. EAL, on the other hand, focuses on language difficulties and learning problems and offers professional help to each individual that needs help.

As demand for Chinese language education grows worldwide, we also value our Chinese education here at SOIS. Our primary section runs National Chinese Curriculum, while the secondary runs the Chinese curriculum under the Cambridge system. Both curricula are mature and recognized worldwide. We believe our children are receiving high quality Chinese language education through professional teachers. Our aim is for children to absorb and acquire virtues from both Eastern and Western cultures.

We bear high hopes for our children on the future international stage, and we work with them on every step here at SOIS.

Alessa Tang   

Administration Vice Principal