The importance of Sport

Sport provides children and youth with many opportunities to grow physically and socially, as well as emotionally.

Here at SOIS we take Physical Education very seriously. As an integral part of the English national curriculum every student is given the opportunity to experience lessons of high quality PE. In SOIS students are exposed to over two and a half hours a week which in turn gives the PE team a chance to really develop the pupils physical abilities, social skills, team work and cooperation, understand winning and losing and have some fun.

PE at SOIS is not just running around and kicking a ball we go much deeper than that, looking at sport as a whole and its wider issues.

In Key Stage 3 we aim to give the students the qualities needed to develop into top knowledgeable athletes and sportsmen/ women. After leaving KS2 with the fundamental skills needed in all curriculum areas they are ready for more advanced skills enhancing their overall performance. Pupils take part in games activities, dance, athletics, gymnastics and a comprehensive swimming program. Swimming is not only a curriculum area but a vital life skill.

In KS4 the focus moves more from the physical development onto the tactical elements. The students are going to be pushed to acquire advanced tactical elements, compositional principles and apply them in competitive or performance situations. Pupils will be taking part in games activities, dance, athletics, gymnastics and aquatic activities. Students will also learn how to undertake other roles within sport from judging and marking to refereeing.

We hope that all students find a sport or activity that they will continue with outside of school and encourage lifelong physical activity.