Uniform Policy

  • The students are expected to be in full uniform every day. This means uniform shorts/pants, uniform shirt, and tie. On PE days, students may wear their PEuniform to school if they have PE class P1/ P2. They are expected tochange out of their PE uniform after PE class, so they will need to bringtheir regular uniform as well.

Some further points of clarity:

1. Socks- all socks should be below the knee, white or black.

2. Shoes- if students have PE, they may wear sneakers in school (white, grey, or black). If they do not have PE, they are expected to wear black shoes (not sneakers).

3. Hair- all students with long hair (below the ear) must have it held back at school with a headband or elastic band. The hair should not cover the face or the ears.

4. Backpacks- students should have a blue or black backpack (able to be carried on their back) with no wheels.

5. Jackets are only to be worn while students are outside. If your child is cold in class, or wishes to cover up, then they should wear the school blazer or sweater vest.

  • Parents can purchase the uniforms on the WeChat account.  If you have any other questions about uniforms, pleasecontact Ms. Melodyfrom the SupportService Department.