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"Neither school education without family education nor family education without school education can accomplish such a delicate task as the formation of children."--Sukhomlinsky

School education must be complemented by family education, which is both the foundation and the continuation of school education. Building a home-school community and developing with children has always been our unremitting goal. With the breeze of March, we finally met with parents again on our lovely campus! Ms. Helen, the Principal, and Mr. Peter, the Vice Principal of Academics, shared with the Year 9 parents how to support their children's future education and answered questions from the parents.


Early in the morning, the parents arrived one by one. This Morning Talk was the first time parents were invited to our campus after over a year, and many seemed very excited. During the talk, Mr. Peter, the Vice Principal of Academic, introduced the school's teaching and academic assessments to the parents and gave them advice on how to support students in different situations no matter where they are going to high school.


Adolescence of students gives many parents a headache in communicating with their children, carefully avoiding their sensitivity and worrying that they would not listen to them. Vice Principal Mr. Peter said that the best support parents could give their children during this time is to listen to their thoughts, observe their own rhythm, and encourage them to find the most suitable goal for themselves. As the old saying goes, each flower will bloom in its own splendid way.



Educationist Sukhomlinsky said that we should aim to inspire every student to graduate with not only knowledge and skills but most importantly, with the spark of desire for knowledge that will continue to flourish for the rest of their lives. As a school, we are always committed to providing our students with a delightful educational environment in which they can learn, develop good study habits, acquire skills, also help them to explore their interests, and reach their full potential. We hope that the home-school community will continue to work together to help build the foundation for the future success of our students.